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    According to Remodeling Magazine the regional average for a full kitchen remodeling project is $63,872. This is no small purchase! When spending that kind of money, it is important to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. A late project change order can be a huge budget buster. The design phase of a project is just as important as other phases, if not the most important. Poor communication between the client and contractor is a recipe for disaster. Laying down a good design helps guarantee that both the client and contractor are on the same page.

    It is often hard to visualize a conceptual idea of a remodeling project in your head. It is even harder ensuring that both the client and the contractor have the same vision. We try to incorporate 3D design into most remodeling, built-in/cabinet, and custom millwork and trim projects. Using programs such as Sketch-Up and Chief Architect, we can produce many types of project documents from simple 2D overhead layouts to full scale, life like 3D renderings of your future space. Using these documents, we can insure everyone is on the same page.

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