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All paint jobs are not created equal! Some people just want to have color put on a wall and call it a day. That is fine and their are plenty of painting contractors who will do just that. On the contrary, our belief is that paint is the final step in any project and can make or break the entire job. At Home Painting & Remodeling focuses on higher end interior painting where clients demand the best. Whether it be as simple as repainting a formal dining room or professionally re-finishing cabinets that have lost their luster over the years, we focus all our attention on making sure the absolute best finish is obtained. We complete prep-work to the fullest, often times going well above the average making sure walls and trim surfaces look like they did the day they were built. We always use the best products for the job, which often doesnt mean the most expensive, but the most tried and true products. Through years of professional finishing we have found the best products that create the best finishes. Equipment is also important. Whether is be using high end Fuji HVLP spray sytems to simply using the best brushes, we dont cut costs when it comes to our tools!

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